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Sheffield assay mark
Sheffield assay mark
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Though not a member of the Townswomen’s Guild I was lucky enough to be invited to their recent meeting as a guest and saw first-hand the many hand-crafted socks that had been made.

More enjoyable for me was meeting ladies from all over the UK who told me how impressed they were with our city centre.

As a lifelong Sheffielder I was able to dispel the myth, particularly from ladies from the south, about our decimated steel industry.

They were impressed to find they may have been operated on using Sheffield steel or have knee or hip joints made here and when I said there is an Assay Office in Sheffield there was disbelief and they have gone home looking for the rose assay mark.

The only complaint they had about Sheffield was its roads. I remember recently a lady from Scotland saying much the same.

We need not only to promote our city more but make it easier for visitors to come and enjoy what our city has to offer.

S Thompson

by email

Sheffield’s devolution

So Sheffield stands to lose out on £900 million because Chesterfield and Bassetlaw have seen sense and are not to join Sheffield City Region’s devolution bid. Thank goodness the councillors in Chesterfield have seen the light.

They know that if they were to join no money would come their way and the projects that have been started would be put on hold as all the money would be put into Shefffield city centre and wasted on other things.



Financial facts of EU

The UK’s departure from the EU will leave a budget shortfall of at least £8.8 billion, the budget commissioner has warned. Gunther Oettinger said the bloc must either spend less or find new money to fill the gap, equivalent to an estimated 16 per cent of the entire budget.

“A big country, a net contributor is leaving,” he said. Among the options on the table could be less generous payments to farmers or a tax on financial institutions.

How refreshing for an EU politician to acknowledge the contribution we are making to the EU budget and also the impact that Brexit will have on the EU economy. This revelation may explain why the EU tis elling us that their door is still open if we wish to reconsider our decision to withdraw our membership.

For the UK to contribute 16 per cent of the total EU budget, reflects very poorly on the other 27 member states to collectively fund the remaining 84 per cent and shows the very considerable contribution we are making. Our negotiating team should impress these financial facts upon their European counterparts at the formal talks.

The Brexit saboteurs of all UK political parties, and a minority of the voting Remainers who are determined to derail the leaving process, should put aside their negative outlook, digest these figures given by the EU budget commissioner and consider that there may indeed be light at the end of the Brexit tunnel, for the future benefit of everyone in the UK.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

What action will they take?

I was surprised to see Julie Dore saying in your paper and elsewhere that the government should pay the cost for recladding at Hanover House.

I understand that the cladding on Hanover House was not as specified by the council – if so surely the cost should fall on the contractor.

As a council taxpayer I also want to know just how the council could pay for work that does not meet the specification.

Perhaps there should be an investigation into the council procurement policy.

Alistair Nicoll

Eastgate, S6

Dip into your coffers

Sheffield council is complaining they can’t afford to replace the cladding on its tower blocks and will have to take money from other areas, and it will probably leave them with nothing.

So come on City of Sheffield get dipping into your considerable coffers and stop moaning.

EB Warris

by email

More news on cycling clubs

I enjoy reading the Grass Roots local sports supplement.

However, why is there only news in the cycling section relating to Birdwell Wheelers ?

There are, as we all know, many cycling clubs in the South Yorkshire area.

I am sure that news about other clubs would be appreciated.

Roger Stevenson

Old Park Avenue, Beauchief, Sheffield

Footnote: We would be happy to include more cycling news in Grass Roots if clubs send in their results.

Strong smell of pigs

His/her letter starts off being quite sensible by admitting that Blades fans are deluded, but to be fair I don’t think they all are and most would agree with Pete Godfrey’s letter.

I don’t know who or what “Wendys” is but if it refers to the Owls it’s true they will, I hope, never be champions of that pub league.

Then we get to the pathetic childish “your club stinks”and sinking to the same level.

When I drive past the Lane with my grandkids they always comment on the very strong smell of pigs. So there!

As far as Hillsborough is concerned, although old, it has recently been voted one of the most beautiful grounds in the country and does not have any cracked concrete covered by cladding, unlike the back of the Bramall Lane stand.

I admit to getting on a bit but I am absolutely certain there is no chance of a brighter future for the Blades while ever McSue and the 10 Bob Prince are in charge.

Chris Gee

by email

The last laugh

Oxo The Blade, I am a Unitedite and your letter, June 30, was pathetic and infantile.

Being very cocky over the new football season may go against United and the last laugh may be on you.



Make them put it right

The grass on the verges and litter cutting is disgusting. Why are they allowed to get away with it?

They should be made to put it right and the staff or the bosses who told them to do it like that should be dismissed.

They didn’t even bother to pick the litter up, they just shredded it with the grass.

Winnie Smith

by email

Diamond not best friend

How anyone can say that the University of Sheffield’s new engineering department has added to Sheffield’s cityscape is beyond me.

This monstrous overbearing structure proves that in the architectural sense ‘diamonds are certainly not a city’s best friend’.

Reactionary Ron Clayton