Problems solved?

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Mr Ted Fowler writes (August 6) that he has compiled a list of readers’ major concerns that he feels may be easily resolved.

Imagine my disappointment to discover that Mr Fowler ignores the topics of the buses and road conditions completely.

The problem of street begging he declares insoluble and the tree felling programme is not a problem at all.

Littering, he feels sure the council can deal with.

The only solution Mr Fowler actually proposes to any of the items on his list is to fine a few motorists who park in the immediate vicinity of schools, and indeed why not.

I have to say I feel rather let down.

Ignoring problems or pretending that they do not exist is certainly a policy with a long history (see Sheffield Council) but I had hoped for a little more substance.

I would not wish to discourage Mr Fowler, but perhaps, before returning to this topic he may wish to add a little depth to his proposals.

Stephen Crowther