Private hire is farcical

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Can anyone explain why this loophole was exploited to such an extent that it has made Sheffield council licencing department a laughing stock?

I was a hackney cab driver in Sheffield for over 30 years. When I applied for my badge to enable me to work in Sheffield it took me three attempts as the test was so stringent, also I had to show the examiner that I could drive to a good standard.

Over the years the council altered the way in which it issued licences to applicants and they made it a lot easier, which meant more people applied and some without the knowledge, the knowhow or the capability to drive properly.

Sheffield Council have now learnt the error of their ways and are revoking or refusing licences, so why have they not made it illegal for drivers with licences from TFL, Rossendale, Leeds and North East Derbyshire to work in and around Sheffield?

Especially when it’s obvious theres a reason for them getting their licence elsewhere.

I would suggest that passengers ask to see the licence before embarking on their journey so they know that the driver is licensed in Sheffield and has been fully vetted.

Frustrated retired Hackney Cab Driver

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