Preserve iconic trees

Rustlings Road
Rustlings Road
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A couple of weeks ago when those trees on Rustlings Road were chopped down, Sheffield had an unwelcome wake-up call about the type of city we live in and the lengths that this city’s Labour leaders will go to get their own way against the wishes of communities.

However, if there is one positive to come out of that terrible episode it is that it has brought people together and re-energised the fight save a number of Sheffield’s healthy mature roadside trees which are being felled unnecessarily.

Sheffield’s Labour Council have marked 23 trees for felling on Western Road.

These trees are particularly special as they were planted as memorials for the former pupils of Westways school who gave their lives to fight for our country during World War One.

Now we have the momentum to fight on and thanks to support from The Star and people all over this city we now have a real chance and convincing Sheffield’s Labour to this time work with the community and other groups to preserve these iconic trees.”

Coun Adam Hanrahan

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Crookes and Crosspool ward