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Armed police
Armed police
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I do agree with Jayne Grayson, the presence of armed police and the military on the streets, in shopping malls and even on the beach at Scarborough, makes most people, I suspect, feel very uneasy.

It would be a sad day for us all if it became the norm. To me I think that would send out the message that we are not defeating terrorism but only containing it.

We don’t see “beat coppers” any more which is a loss I think to public confidence. They were great gatherers of information of what was happening on their beat, and information is the bread and butter for our security people.

Anthony Fields

Barnsley Road, S5

We’ve been too tolerant

We’ve all been too tolerant of Muslim extremism in Britain, especially when such extremists are so intolerant of our Judeo-Christian religious tradition, moral values and way of life. But the biggest culprits of all are Labour and the Left.

In June 2013, Peter Mandelson openly admitted Labour’s disastrous policy of uncontrolled immigration, which allowed in huge numbers of fanatical Muslims, was “really adopted as a way of importing more Labour voters”, and published electoral research does indeed show most Muslims vote Labour.

So no matter what they pretend, Labour won’t ever curb Muslim immigration or clamp down hard on Muslim extremism as that isn’t in their own long-term interests.

On the contrary, Labour would for obvious reasons be best served by the admission of MORE Muslims – hence their preference for freedom of movement and open borders, and their recently-leaked plan to let into Britain thousands of “unskilled labourers” – perfect cover for importing even more Muslim fundamentalists from rural areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

Steven R Harvey

by email

Cowardly attacks

Each time something horrible happens as in London on Saturday night we hear straight away of raids on suspects being carried out? Why is it after such events that these are carried out?

Surely it’s about time all suspects are raided and removed from our country and not after the event– there are too many do-gooders in our country.

Any evidence at all against such coward and hypocritical people should give authorities the right to remove them for good.

Ian Gornall

by email

Stuff PC, human rights

Well, here we are again. We will have more vigils and flowers again.

We will also have the same politically correct garbage from our politicians etc.

The time has come to stuff PC, human rights, do-gooders etc.

Apparently, we know of over 20,000 sympathisers etc, 2-3000 under watch or surveillance etc and a few hundred fighters returned from Syria.

Let the SAS loose on them. Round them up, and either deport them after taking DNA, fingerprints eye recognition and warn them they face the death penalty if they try to get back.

A fat lot of good that diversity and multiculturalism has done this country,



What has changed?

I grew up in the 1950s. At that time, the chance of a terrorist bomb was nil. The chance of armed police and soldiers on our streets was nil.

The chance of being asked to lower the Union Flag because it may offend was nil. The chance of children being told that they could no longer take part in a traditional Nativity was nil. The chance of being searched before boarding a plane was nil. The chance of soldiers returning from conflict being abused in the street was nil.

Can somebody tell me what has changed since that time?

J Bunting



It was a night of thrill

With singing full of joy

But that all changed

When a bomb was heard, it was here to destroy

Oblivious to the bereavement

Which came to diminish the fun

Congealed red blood

In minutes, precious lives had gone!

There was clamour in the buildings

Anger raged in the streets

People wounded on the floor

Calling for help, they would implore

Goodbyes were not given

For the deceased retreated to the skies

Left all the violence and negativity

And escaped from earthly cries

All you could hear in Manchester was despondency

Hearts of victims wringed of dismay

Heavy sighs

Happiness was taken away

You must be resilient


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Carry on, says Theresa May

Carry on, says Theresa, we should show the terrorists we are not scared, that’s easy for you to say surrounded by armed officers.

There are officers on Fargate, but I’m not sure if they are armed. How long will this increased presence go on?

For a couple of weeks?

Let’s hope she finds the money to increase police officer numbers because one thing we don’t want is fewer officers on the streets.

When someone dies we say let’s hope they rest in peace.

We are living, why can’t we live in peace?

Jayne Grayson

by email

We have lost control

Enoch Powell’s words certainly ring true from his “Rivers of blood” speech back in Birmingham in April 1968. He was called a racist for that speech but how can he be called that for speaking the truth?

That’s the problem today you cannot speak the truth without being called a racist. I’m afraid we’ve lost control of our country.

Manor Lad

by email

Fond memories

Many congratulations to Natalie Bennett for her superb letter regarding the truly awful tragedy of the Manchester bombing.

I happened to be passing by the Peace Gardens at the time and noticed the gathering of people there, initially thinking that it might be a rally of some sort. It was only when I was told that it was a memorial to the appalling bombing, that I too stood in silence at the memorial to those young victims.

I have very fond memories of Manchester, as between the mid to late 1980s I was a lecturer at a College in Gorton. In that time, I made many friends among the students and fellow lecturers alike.

Steve Davis