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In response to, S Richardson, (letter, Star, August 19), her comments are as per usual very patronising, (my views are right and everyone elee should conform).

I would like to praise previous letters written to support the work being carried out by Amey and in paticular Coun Lodge in his in-depth and concise explanation of how the work is being done.

Every time I read the Star and Susan’s letter appears I have a vision of King Canute, only in her case it’s trees, not seas that come to mind.

Please note, the High Court’s verdict was, Sheffield City Council 3 Tree huggers 0.

I wonder if the protesters will think it was a good idea when they receive the bill for the court case.

As with regards Michael Gove visiting Sheffield I would not hold my breath on that happening, bearing in mind that it was his government that funded and gave the go-ahead to our council for the contract.

Gerry Leckey

Sheffield, S57

People’s Champion

Well done to Sarah Champion for speaking out on the subject of the Asian gangs being responsible for what was happening in Newcastle as well as in Rotherham and Rochdale.

We need more MPs to be like her and not be afraid to tell the truth. It’s not being racist, it’s saying it as it is. She should think again about quitting the job that she loved and not be driven out by the PC brigade, I take my hat off to her, well done.

Michael Durkin


We need more trees

I am deeply concerned and alarmed about Sheffield Council’s approval for an extra 900 trees to be felled.

According to my research, their actions are tantamount to poisoning Sheffield citizens: 900 trees equate to oxygen for 3,600 people per day, and their loss will mean an extra, 19800kg of CO2 is left hanging around our city per year. I urge the council to please reconsider their decision and I urge the public to give voice to our concerns.

Far too many children and adults are suffering from respiratory problems already – in fact, we need more trees, not less.

Miss D Mahmoudieh

Melrose Road, Sheffield, S3

Choice of words

I plumbed the depths of despair when I read the Star article ‘MP resigns from Shadow Minister post in race row’, (August 17, 2017).

Sarah Champion, a Rotherham Labour MP, has resigned from her role as Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, over her ‘extremely poor choice of words’ in a national newspaper article on British Pakistani grooming gangs. She is quoted in her column assaying that ‘Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.’

From the reported court case, after hearing all the evidence and finding the men guilty as charged, it is a fact that we do have such a problem. Perhaps Sarah’s ‘mistake’ was that some people, including Jeremy Corbyn, may have interpreted this as referring to British Pakistani men in general and not just some of the defendants?

In complete contrast to the attitude of Labour members who took to Twitter to demand that Mr Corbyn sack her – all credit to Rebecca Hilsenrath, CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission for saying it was wrong that a respected MP had been hounded out for speaking candidly about child sexual exploitation – especially when other incidences have occured in Rotherham!

Enoch Powell concluded his April 20, 1968 speech to the Conservative Association in Birmingham by saying: “All I know is that to see and not to speak would be the great betrayal” when speaking of uncontrolled immigration.

While not agreeing with his prophecy of “the Roman seeing the River Tiber foaming with much blood” – nearly 50 years on many of his predictions have come to pass.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Bobbies on the beat

You know life isn’t up to much when after a busy day all you have to look forward to are repeats of The Bill from 1984.

It’s all coming back – the old -ashioned bobbies on the beat, Reg and Jim, all the crime solved in a day, if only it was like that on the streets today.

I was taken aback slightly with some of the references to certain people of colour or gender. Obviously calling people names, even on TV, wasn’t frowned upon then. We have come along way in 33 years.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Advert or news?

I began to read the half-page item in The Star, page 11, Monday, August 21, expecting to learn of an interesting medical breakthrough. However it soon became clear from the style that the article was an advert, (for an IBS product). I glanced to the top expecting to see, in the usual barely visible small print, the word “Advertisement” but instead, in 10mm high capitals, the heading was “Medical Science News.”

There was mention of a breakthrough by a group of renowned scientists, but no reference to a medical publication was given. A quick Google search led to a headline giving the impression of an unbiased critique, but this too was nothing more than an advert, denoted by the words “advertising disclosure” in very small pale print to one side of the page.

In these days of false news I don’t know if there are regulations regarding such confidence tricks, but surely ethics should prevail over advertising revenue, and financial consequences must surely arise from loss of reader confidence.

Graham S


We now need action

I see Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham is complaining the Sun didn’t publish her article for them correctly. Why on God’s earth is a Labour MP EVEN writing for the Sun and Murdochs gutter rag? Good grief!

All forms of bigotry, inequality and discrimination are unacceptable whether it’s from whites towards Asians or vice versa.

We have had enough reports... we now need action.

The perpetrators must be tracked down and brought to justice for the vile attacks on young people with grooming/CSE sexploitation.

The police, council officials and elected politicians who knew but failed to safeguard and protect the public and its young people must be held fully accountable too.

Finally, too many MPs locally and nationally continue to write or leak smears to this odious Murdoch rag despite their respective Clps/GMCs and members’ displeasure.

They also know and fully understand the movement’s aversion to the Murdoch press with its unacceptable track record including heinous hacking, Wapping, union bashing, Milly Dowler, Orgreave and Hillsbrough etc.

Ged Dempsey

Wentworth CLP