Potholes are the norm

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It was good to read the front- page headlines this week about the plans to make roads in Sheffield safer for cyclists.

These plans appear to concern areas where cyclists cross tram tracks.

I have the impression that the condition of the Tarmac between tram tracks is comparatively good.

This is in sharp contrast to the rest of the roads where there are no trams and where, as the result of years of neglect and patching, wide and deep potholes and irregular surfaces over long stretches, or the whole road, have become the norm.

It is common to see cyclists swerving at the last minute to avoid being thrown from their cycles by the potholes and this may involve moving dangerously towards other vehicles.

Many main roads in Sheffield are in an appalling state still and are an embarrassment to visitors to this city.

Sadly there is often no way to avoid some routes as the alternatives are in as bad or worse condition.

What have the Highways Committee been discussing these last 15 years?

Dr James Burton

Hope, Derbyshire