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THE Royal Mail tends generally only to get a bad press, with the media only interested when things go wrong are charges increase.

In the days of email, and effective deregulation of the postal service with competitors gnawing away at the Royal Mail’s profit margins, we have seen a steep increase in the cost of posting a letter.

But there are few services today where you can expect speedy delivery without having to pay an exorbitant post and package charge.

So a week ago, we decided to put the Royal Mail to the test to see what sort of service they provide.

At one of its busiest times where the volume of post increases in millions, we posted a batch of Christmas cards on the last day of the post when the Mail guarantees delivery.

The cards not only went to the city region but also to all parts of the UK.

Of the 52 cards posted to 26 different addresses, by first and second class post, the Royal Mail passed with flying colours.

So today we congratulate the service for a job well done - all for the price of a stamp.

Let their be light for these people

THE £2 billion road improvement plan where all surfaces will be repaired and street furniture replaced cannot come a moment too soon for burglary-plagued residents in Abbeydale.

They have been told for years there is little that can be done to improve the qulaity of lighting in their streets.

And while they read about improvements to other areas of the city, they face the prospect of dimly lit streets until the Streets Ahead project reaches their doorsteps some time next year.

Meanwhile, they say they are plagued by crime and feel uneasy and insecure at night.

The council says residents will see a benefit when the improvement scheme comes around - but they shouldn’t have to wait that long.

So we welcome the pledge of intervention by Coun Jack Scott who says they will look at interim measures.

Brewing a success

IT WAS the world’s biggest coffee morning and a record-breaking fundraising feat.

Around 1,000 coffee morning events were held earlier this year to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

In South Yorkshire, more money than ever was raised, heading towards £250,000.

So raise your cup to a great effort