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Brilliant headline and a good, positive piece about Parson Cross! It might go some way towards restoring the reputation of an area brought into disrepute over the years by the actions of a small minority and towards boosting the morale and confidence of the young living here.

Parson Cross might be a massive estate but as with many estates, it is held together by the fact that two or even three generations of original families still live here and form the basis of the community. As such, old values such as neighbourliness and helping one another still exist in many parts of the estate and the shared past makes it, for many, a warm place live.

The perceived decline of the area in the eyes of Sheffield people began when SRB cash came in and it was publicly declared an area of multiple deprivation. The ‘deprivation’ stemming from the loss of the steel industry, however, soon came to equate with a lack of aspiration, idleness, lack of education, morals etc which blighted the lives of many.

The reputation of the estate damaged, people have lived under a shadow ever since. Sadly, 16 years of multi-millions of pounds of investment, appears to have failed to lift that shadow and still the area is classified as suffering ‘multiple deprivation’.

Parson Cross used to be a thriving, close community in which the better-off rubbed along with the more poor, professional with the manual, those with learning difficulties with the educated but the demonising of people by attaching the tag of ‘multiple deprivation’ has led to an exodus to escape the ‘branding’.

Hopefully, Chris’ Burns article may serve to show there is another side to Parson Cross and would you please extend my thanks to him on behalf of the thousands of decent people here.

Parson Cross is not alone in suffering this damage. Areas such as the Manor, Arbourthorne etc, are still seen in a poor light as a result of being dubbed ‘multiply deprived’, which appears a self-fulfilling prophecy!

I don’t, however, linger under the illusion the area is perfect, but which area is?

Mary Steele

by email