Poppers ban must be for everyone

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Here we go again! More controversy from ‘our elite’ in Parliament, but don’t get your ‘knickers – in – a – twist’ because Parliament dared to ban ‘legal highs’ and ‘poppers’?

The ban despite being passed in the House of Commons by 309 votes to 288 has brought a furore from the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender brigade led by, namely, Tory MP Crispin Blunt who admits using it.

No matter that these drugs will be banned legally. Justice Minister Mike Penning says the Government recognises that representations have been made to the effect that ‘poppers’ have a beneficial health and relationship effect.

So does heroin, cocaine, cannabis and the like and all are illegal, but of course we are dealing with establishment figures here so expect the law to be relaxed on this one to suit people like Blunt and other MPs.

My bet is that these 30 MPs who are cocking a snook at the other 620 MPs get this law reversed.

Legal highs are either banned for ALL as dangerous or they are not.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Ave, Hoyland, S74