Poorer after Brexit vote

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The main reason why so many people voted leave, encouraged by the leave campaign, was primarily immigration and the £350 million a week contribution to the EU that we were told would go to the NHS.

Now the truth has finally come out.

The true figure is, was always, and still is, £160 million. And now we have been informed by the heads of the European parliament that restricting EU nationals from working and living in the UK is not negotiable. Full stop.

And if you take into account Norway and Switzerland, which are out of the EU and percentage wise pay more in and have more EU workers than Britain, the question is what have we left the EU for?

A technical recession, higher taxes, spending cuts forecast, leading companies now saying they’re leaving the UK.

All this and we haven’t even invoked Article 50, which starts our withdrawal from the largest and richest trading bloc in the world.

We will all be poorer as a result of the Brexit result.