Poor work by contractors

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Here we have another example of the poor workmanship that the council’s contractors are providing.

This trench was dug and filled with crusher run and the minimum of Tarmac roughly six weeks ago, so why has it started to deteriorate so quickly?

The junction is Hanging Water Road and Nether Green Road which is a very busy road, so to restore it the road will have to either be closed or controlled with temporary lights.

What do we actually pay council tax for?



City deserves much better

An open letter to Julie Dore, the leader of the council, in response to the letter sent to all residents with their council tax bills for 2017/18.

It is not only central government cuts which are responsible for Sheffield’s problems.

City centre footfall has been affected by the aimless redevelopment of it, which has led to empty shops between Fargate and The Moor while the council does nothing with them, as well as a much-loved market with rising visitor numbers replaced with one half the size which is struggling.

Library users would have preferred a much-reduced statutory staffed service, but were ignored in favour of removing branch libraries from the statutory library service and running them on the cheap with volunteers.

We need a council that will listen to local residents and act accordingly on issues like Sheffield trees, instead of siding with private contractors.

We need a council that will use the powers it has to re-regulate bus services instead of going for a voluntary agreement which lets passengers down.

We also need a council that will set a better example on reducing corporate pay, the pay gap between its lowest and highest paid employees, and that will repeal the measures such as new rules on sick pay which can see council employees fired for taking more than two days off sick in a 90-day period.

Sheffield deserves better.

Martin Vaughan


Disaster for air quality

Having visited the recent public consultation by Applegreen PLC about plans for a motorway service area at Junction 33 of the M1, I think this development can only make a bad situation worse in relation to congestion and pollution, particularly at busy periods.

In my opinion this development will have a disastrous effect locally both on traffic congestion and air quality, which could have an adverse effect on our children’s health.

Surely, we should be looking at ways to approve air quality, rather than making it worse ?

The distance between the service stations at Woodall and Woolley Edge does not breach current government guidelines, so why build another service station, either here or at junction 35, (where ancient woodland is also being threatened).

We should not forget, Rotherham Labour Council’s preferred route for HS2 is for it to go via Meadowhall, which means it would also affect Catcliffe and Brinsworth.

Surely enough is enough now.

Colin Taylor


City council haven’t a clue

In reply to Mr H, The Star, March 23, you suggest I go round S5 and look at the state of the roads.

Let me suggest he goes round S17 where the roads have not been touched, only bodged, usually when its bad weather, for more than 40 years.

Labour areas have always got priority in Sheffield.

I remember driving to work along Harborough Avenue a few years ago where some houses had been pulled down and the footpaths and road were so smooth, new Tarmac, it was unreal.

I don’t think much has been done on the roads in the south west of the city at all, except around S10 where Nick Clegg has connections.

I worked as a carer and travelled around a large area of the city, not S5 though, and the roads, once done, were usually dug up a few weeks later by water, gas or other utilities and never replaced the same.

Sheffield City Council haven’t got a clue how to get things done and pay too much money for advisers.



A twist in the tree tale

Now here’s a tree story with a twist. For a good few years now I have had an allotment for which I pay more than £100 per anum in rent to the Sheffield council.

All these years gardeners have had access to free horse manure from the local riding stables but not any more.

The stables have always placed the manure pile just outside its boundary gate in a small copse of about six trees, to stop vehicles from startling the horses inside.

Now here’s the rub, after God knows how many years the council have told the stables not to place the manure there any more as it may harm the trees.

Could this be a cunning plan to starve the trees of nutrients so then, the council don’t have to send in the chainsaw gangs to cut them down?

I wonder.

John Vintin

by email

Constant ramblings

Is EB Warris having a laugh? His constant ramblings suggesting the letters page has become more political than what is happening in the community.

If my memory serves me right this is the person who has told us previously about “the lovely Iceland girls”, “the wonderful lighting of the Atkinsons shop”, “the lovely journeys on Supertram and the buses”, and more recently why Howden House was needed.

What has happened to real people making sure their letters are addressed properly and have meaning?

Lee Johnson

by email