Police have a tough job

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I sent an email to my MP about the increase in the number of assaults in my workplace, including one on me.

I was shocked after a police officer informed me that they are expected to be pushed and shoved in the line of duty.

Then the story on the front page of The Star, Rising Tide of Attacks on Police, just confirms what I wrote to my MP about.

When did it become acceptable that a police officer expects to be assaulted on duty?

If we have lost all respect for the police then such people as doctors, nurses, the elderly or people just doing their job have no chance.

People need to stop behaving like out-of-control thugs, it’s not all for the taking and start to put other people first.

Let’s stop making the police officer’s job harder with ridiculous amounts of paperwork etc.

When fewer than one in five criminals is being brought to justice then crime is only going to get worse.

I back and respect our police force, for they do one of the toughest jobs going.

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