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The Plough
The Plough
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A letter from Charles Bradwell, The Star, January 12, about the Plough at Sandy-gate having the application to be a supermarket rejected, says: “This area is very well served by several pubs, (both chain and independent), but is very poorly served by supermarkets and good quality convenience stores.”

Just down the road at Crosspool there are two pubs, The Sportsman and The Crosspool Tavern and are both run by Mitchell and Butlers. There is a wide range of shops and two supermarkets.

Going the other way from The Plough, at Lodge Moor there is a choice of shops and The Shiny Sheff, a Marston’s pub. The nearest independently-run pub is at Nether Green where The Rising Sun is run by Abbeydale Brewery and is next to a supermarket.

I look forward to having a drink in The Plough once more and Mr Bradwell can use one of the many shops and supermarkets in the area.

Jay Bee