Pigeon lover less than impressed

Cathedral Archer project "Flash Pot "
Cathedral Archer project "Flash Pot "
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WHO would have thought pigeons could cause such a – obvious pun alert – flap?

It seems not everyone agrees with this column’s suggestion the little fuzzballs are becoming an increasing nuisance in Sheffield.

“The only species that is ruining our city with its filthy and appalling habits,” writes Susan Richardson, “is that of the human variety. We see litter and rubbish thrown everywhere and, as fast it’s cleared up, in no time at all it’s as bad as ever.”

She goes on: “Nights out now seem to consist of those who only want to go on drunken binges then either vomit or urinate in shop doorways. I have found that coming into town is far from a pleasant experience as the pests I have encountered are the weirdos, aggressive drunks and druggies everywhere.”

And she concludes: “For me the only pleasant sight happens to be the pigeons.

“Tonight’s Diary had a very appropriate headline - ‘Colin Drury takes a running jump’. Oh, how I wish you would!”

Which certainly tells me.

Slightly less vexed and coming from the opposite view, Ron Clayton simply writes: “I can offer some advice on ridding Sheffield of these flying rats – try fibre glass owls on building ledges.”

n IT might have sounded like – second pun of the column, coming up – a potty idea.

But more than 100 pot noodles were collected when Sheffield’s Cathedral Archer Project asked for the snacks to be donated recently.

Staff created this pyramid from the cartons which will now be distributed to the homeless.

“Personally,” whispered fund raising manager Tracy Viner. “I don’t like them but they’re very popular with our users which is what’s important.”