Pet owners being let down by council

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We run a campaign group ( aiming to raise awareness of cats on our roads and do something about the injustice to Britain’s most popular pet.

Recently the British Veterinary Association released statistics of cats involved in road traffic accidents, revealing 635 a day are being treated in vets around the UK on each given day.

Since the majority tend to go unrecorded, #CatsMatter fear this number to be at least double.

Currently, there are no UK laws surrounding drivers needing to stop but we are constantly liaising with MPs and government departments to change that.

Through our work we aim to raise awareness through the distribution of educational material from flyers and posters to bumper car stickers.

We also involve ourselves in the aftermath of RTA incidents. Firstly, there is no mandatory requirement for local councils, who collect the deceased cats from the roadside, to scan them or notify the owners.

Cats whose owners have gone to great lengths to ensure they are notified of their pets’ fate will never find out what has happened.

Regardless of paying for a microchip and continuing to pay toward the update needed, such as change of phone number, address, etc.

As it stands, most councils will collect the cat and send it straight to the local landfill site with owners not having a clue what happened.

All it would have taken was a phone call to let them know and they could grieve accordingly.

Last year we created a petition which gained just under 50,000 signatures but which we had to close down due to the unprecedented number of letters councils were receiving.

As a result of this petition, 20 councils changed policy and now scan and notify owners of cats collected by the council, this is a great success but there is a lot more to be done.

Now we have created a petition targeting elected mayors and county council chief executives demanding a shake-up of the entire system.

You can view our petition below which has already gained 50,000 signatures.

Once we hit the 100,000 mark we will be notifying the mayors and council chief executives.

Mandy & Tiya