Pensioners to contribute to BBC licence?

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Rumour has it that the ‘stars’ of BBC’s, The Great British Bake Off, are in line for a £100,000/year rise.

W0hen asked a BBC spokesperson tells us they don’t comment on speculation.

If they had confirmed the rumour imagine the outcry.

Because the BBC are about to launch an appeal for pensioners aged 75 and over to give up their ‘perk’ of a free licence, Mary Berry included?

This is the same organisation that spent £34 million on taxis over three years and huge amounts on first-class train fares to Salford in the Northern Powerhouse for their overpaid ‘stars’ and executives.

They then have the barefaced cheek to employ multi-millionaire OAP celebrities. At what cost? To try and wheedle money out of British pensioners, who, by the way, are amongst the worst rewarded in the whole of Europe and continuing to be so courtesy of ‘Posh’ Dave.

The licence fee should be scrapped and the totally biased BBC made to make their own way in the world like the rest of us have to do.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74