Party of businesses?

Theresa May
Theresa May
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The Conservative Party has long claimed to be the Party of businesses.

However, their track record since May 2015 shows that they are now anything but.

Theresa May’s speech to Conservative conference on Sunday signalled that we are heading for a ‘hard Brexit’.

Leaving the Single Market represents the biggest threat to businesses and jobs since the financial crash in 2007, but Theresa May and her Government have consistently sent mixed messages about vital trade relationships while her ministers brand our business leaders ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’.

Even before Cameron called the reckless Brexit vote, the Conservatives already began their assault on British business, putting in place new and unnecessary taxes, undermining successful British industries like the renewables sector which was booming under Lib Dem Energy Minister Ed Davey and failing to tackle the crisis in our steel industry.

The Labour Party, meanwhile, under Corbyn and McDonnell, instead of fighting for what British businesses and consumers need to keep jobs in the UK and prices down – continued membership of the Single Market, are more interested in fighting the battles over the free market he and the hard left lost in the ’80s.

Our local Labour Council rather than welcoming businesses and investors, chooses to pick petty fights over minor details like staircases and road layouts.

The Liberal Democrats are now the only party that is prepared to work with business, champion their interests, and put in place the stable, growing economy they need to succeed.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council