Parts of estate like a pigsty

Coun Peter Price
Coun Peter Price
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Nice to read in The Star, (February 15), a letter from Coun Peter Price stating that he is still a councillor for the Shiregreen estate, and quite rightly pointing out all the good work he has done in the past regarding leisure facilities in Sheffield.

However it would be most appreciated if he could take a walk around his Shiregreen ward from the bottom of Gregg House Road, to the nearby Hartley Brook Road shopping centre. At the moment this stretch of the road resembles a pigsty, (with apologies to pigs who probably wouldn’t live in these conditions), where what is left of the churned up grass verges are currently disappearing under dozens of glass beer bottles, beer cans, plastic drinks bottles, general rubbish, paper, boxes etc. It is a disgrace.

I know Peter will put this down to cutbacks, and the absence of personal responsibilty of the people who deposit this stuff, but if this was Page Hall, the local councillors would be up in arms at this mess, and The Star would be running front page headlines about it as they did when there was a similar problem in Page Hall.

We pay our taxes, but are expected to live surrounded by this mess. Perhaps Peter could contact the department who deal with rubbish and maybe get something done about it.

He could then take a walk to the top of Gregg House Road at its junction with Sicey Avenue, where there is a huge road hump. Just before you reach the hump, travelling from Hatfield House Lane, there is a pothole which seems to be growing bigger by the day. One day someone is going to fall into one of these potholes and they wont need an ambulance, they will need a mine rescue team! Travelling back from the hump towards Hadfield House Lane , about half way along Sicey Avenue is a cluster of developing potholes and nearer the traffic lights there are some more.

For the life of me I still cannot understand why the side roads on Shiregreen, which to be honest weren’t too bad, have been resurfaced while the crumbling main roads have been left to deteriorate further, like the stretch of Hartley Brook Road running from the shopping centre down to Butterthwaite Road, where there seems to be more patches than road surface on show.

It beggars belief that side roads all around the city are being resurfaced, but the main roads are left to deteriorate. I believe the contractors were supposed to have the resurfacing done within five years. I think there is more chance of me winning the lottery. I think The Star has done as much as it can about felling trees, and should once again take up the case of our crumbling roads. The trees are not dangerous, the roads are, and also cause excess wear and tear on vehicles. To be honest I’m surprised the bus companies haven’t kicked off about this, our roads must damage their buses?

I would also mention Firth Park, where the pavements, particularly on Bellhouse Road, are downright dangerous with their patched up, undulating surfaces. Oh, and just above the Garage on Sicey Avenue, it looks like a dump-it site, with rubbish dumped all over the grassed area. Perhaps Peter could give a nudge to the councillor for this area, who might like to raise these problems with the appropriate departments.


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