Our privacy under threat

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I’m writing today because I’m concerned about government threats to undermine the encryption tools that keep us all safe.

We don’t want this to become America! I say this as an American.

Private citizens should NOT be subject to indiscriminate government scrutiny without just cause.

Encrypted communications should remain so unless there is ample evidence that someone is violating the law.

To expose everyone to the government is undemocratic.

Our bank accounts, credit card details, emails, and texts should be private matters until we choose to give this information if we are law-abiding citizens.

I hope and expect that Paul Blomfield, who is our stellar MP, will support protesting this intrusion into our private affairs.

Dale N Le Fevre


Sheffield is anti-car

Iread in Wednesday’s Star that a frustrated tourist has vowed never to return to Sheffield due to the problems faced trying to navigate the city’s roads !

I must point out Sheffield has always been anti-car for as long as I can remember... and indeed is the reason I decided to leave.

After being born and bred here I could no longer stand the daily suffering of the council’s moronic attempts to frustrate car drivers off the road, maybe in the hope we’d have to catch one of their buses orSupertram, which for most of us is impractical.

Paul Birch

Snitterton Road, Matlock, Derbyshire

Is it a waste of time?

You work hard, buy your house, save some money for the rainy days, as I approach my mid 40s I worry about coping on a pension.

I have made the provisions that I can, as if I live to an old age I want to be able to put the heating on and eat nice food, but I sometimes thing it’s a waste of time.

My old neighbours never worked but did OKon the pension they received, the neighbours at the other side saved, had a private pension, yet when the time came for it to work for them they were penalised because they had to make contributions to all sorts of things.

Maybe it’s best to spend the lot before you retire and let the state take care of you because from what I can see the more you have the less it will work for you.

Jayne Grayson

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They can afford it

Reading about Simon Cowell getting so-called stars to sing on a charity single for the people of London it made me wonder why the people concerned can’t give some of their millions to the people as well?

After all they can afford it.

I read the story about the “caring” royals with Prince William hugging a pensioner whose husband is among those missing after the fire at the Grenfell Tower in London.

And that made me think why don’t they give them some of our money to help?

Lee Johnson

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The forgotten people

Would someone please tell me why the forgotten people of Norton Lees have to put up with such a poor bus service?

The 20a bus was taken away from us, leaving us with a once-an-hour 18 bus and the ever-unreliable 20 bus.

Every day there are buses missing; young and old wait patiently for over half-an-hour for buses that should run every 15 minutes.

Regularly we see three buses heading one after another towards the terminus at Blackstock Road, then eventually only one comes down and we are packed into this bus like cattle with no explanation as to why the two previous buses have disappeared!

Please, First, take pity on those of us who do not drive and give us a regular, reliable service. Surely this is not too much to ask.

Mrs B Boyd


What can be done?

I read with interest your article on June 6, about Keeping Sheffield streets clean. Living in the area I am disgusted at the state of Gleadless Town End.

There is litter everywhere and weeds growing from the concrete that reinforces the main road, as well as graffiti. The litter is not helped by the cartons from the many takeaways in the area that are strewn everywhere and empty cans and bottles.

It used to be a nice area and is very convenient in many ways but I am ashamed when I see what it is like now and it is steadily getting worse. I have seen two men picking up litter at the tram stop but they only do the platforms.

Is there anything that can be done about it?

Joan Plant

resident S12

Democracy in Sheffield

Can councillors in Sheffield reply to their correspondents?

I sent an email to Councillor McDonald who is supposed to be a cabinet member for health and social care nearly two months ago and I still have not received a reply.

Why do we have to put up with shoddy service like this from our elected officers? I despair of democracy in Sheffield.

Andrew Kennedy

by email

It’s quite nauseating

It was most interesting to read the article, (Sheffield Star), regarding the Labour candidate’s, (MP Jared O’Mara, who’s he?), so-called “victory” over Nick Clegg in the General Election.

I see already the “gloating” of Labour’s new MP is quite nauseating, which just goes to show what a rabble-rousing bunch the National Labour Party is.

Steve Davis

Liberal Democrat member, Hallam constituency

He’s the one who’s boring

Lee Johnson (June 21), people keep going on about Toby Foster because he is the one who is boring.

He sounds lively because he is always full of himself and indeed tries to be funny and not very good at it at all. He’s had numerous warnings about his behaviour and his recent suspension should be his last. For your information, not all Radio Sheffield listeners are over 70. By the way, I’am 55.

S Smith


Support for Susan

I would like to add my support for Susan Richardson’s political letters, everything she says is spot on.


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