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I would like to respond to the interesting letter from NP Johnson (Star April 29) who appears to be among those Remainers who think all the people who voted for Brexit in the Referendum (which included myself) lack the intelligence to understand what we voted for and have made a terrible mistake.

What exactly has happened since the referendum that would make us want to change our minds about the way we voted? He/she seems to think ‘the older generation’ have done young people a great injustice by voting to leave the EU as “it is not they who will have to live with the long-term economic consequences of this decision”, and also points out that research suggests that as many as three-quarters of 18-year-olds have pro-European views.

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to NP Johnson that those of us who belong to the older generation may have acquired a little more wisdom throughout our journey in life and can remember that our country survived quite successfully long before we signed up to then EEC (European Economic Community) in 1973. We also have the vision to see that we can achieve a far greater future for ourselves outside the EU, so why would we want to remain shackled to an outdated and failing organisation that will eventually implode on itself?

Following the vote to Leave the EU and now that Article 50 has been implemented we now at last have the opportunity to escape from this disastrous union which has seen our country ruled by the unelected dictators of Brussels for 44 years, and we can now focus on once again becoming an independent nation responsible for making our own decisions. I appreciate it is only early days and there will of course be obstacles to overcome, however any difficulties will be worth it in the long run to regain our independence. So far all the doom-laden predictions have proved widely inaccurate and young people need to ignore all the scare-mongering political dogma and instead welcome an adventurous future of new and exciting opportunities that wait for us outside the EU. I well remember the referendum of 1975 and, contrary to NP Johnson’s claim, everyone I knew (even if they didn’t agree) accepted the majority decision to stay in the EEC. How much more commendable it would be if, instead of trying to sabotage the Brexit negotiations, today’s Remainers could show the same respect for the British people’s vote to Leave the EU in last year’s referendum without all the whining and wailing.

I would suggest the bitter Remainers should have more confidence in our great country and embrace the potential (with everyone’s support) for our country to have a bright and successful future. I have no doubt that the younger generation will eventually thank the ‘oldies’ for having the foresight to recognise that governing ourselves is in the best interests of Great Britain and we will no longer be restricted from trading with the rest of the world or have to comply with rules and regulations made in Brussels instead of in our own Parliament. Democracy is about listening to the people and the British people have spoken loud and clear via the ballot box in the referendum so we now have a forthcoming General Election by which we have to ensure that the party elected to govern our country delivers on the wishes of the electorate.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10