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cat attacks are so cruel

Why would anyone shoot an innocent creature with an air gun? There can be no reason for such unnecessary and mindless cruelty.
Sadly this newspaper reports on not just one, but two such attacks on cats today. One was blinded and another needed surgery after the separate incidents. 
Vets in Sheffield say that they have seen more animals targeted with much worse consequences for those pets who sometimes die in agony as a result.
Unfortunately nobody can stop thugs from carrying out these senseless attacks,
However we can report them to the authorities and hope it will lead to punishments for those concerned. 
Free ride an easy option

Admit it. It’s all too easy to hop in the car for even the smallest of journeys nowadays.
Now motorists have no excuse to avoid giving buses a go as transport bosses hand out free all-day tickets next month.
Sheffield Bus Partnership says the test drive initiative will help cut congestion in Sheffield as people see public transport as their ‘second car’.
Of course driving up passenger numbers will also boost bus operators’ profits in the long run. 
Plus not everyone will find buses a breeze if they live in remote areas or those without a frequent service.
But if it cuts the Friday night queues of traffic by even a few minutes, that must be something everyone can get on board with.

Saddling up

And those who aren’t riding the buses may well be swapping four wheels for two instead.
Cycling bosses are predicting a boom in biking ahead of the Tour de France coming to Sheffield as part of its exciting Yorkshire event next July. 
That leaves plenty of time to get more cycle lanes rolled out across the city then.