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We the people of Britain have only one chance to say no to the EU. We are not saying no to Europe, we are saying “no” to the corruption, the lies and the waste, we are saying “no” to the disparity between rich and poor and the crippling austerity plans that have swept through the working classes of Europe like a withering gale.

We are saying “no” to the never-ending waves of migrants arriving at our borders, we are saying “no” to the loss of our own identity, “no” to the political elite telling us that “we are all in it together” and we must “tighten our belts”, we are saying “no” to the loss of our green spaces as ever more is built on to house a population that is out of control.

On Thursday, go to the polling booth and set in motion the end of the EU.

Vote out and tell them “no” you will not be their slaves, you will not live in squalor and abject poverty, overcrowded, underpaid and overworked.

Vote out or accept your fate as a slave.

Lee Swords

by email