Offer a replacement tree to households

Trees in Western Road due to be felled.
Trees in Western Road due to be felled.
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I notice Susan Richardson in her attempt to justify keeping all the problem trees on the pavements needs to take my statement both out of context and also alter the wording.

Susan when such things are necessary it shows either poor or even bad journalism or your argument is springing leaks. Now I am not sure about you being a journalist but I am sure that the arguments for keeping street trees has sprung a big leak.

The tree huggers and their experts are disagreeing among themselves about what is right or wrong. There are insects in the trees we all know that but do they all surrender and die with the tree as one expert tells us or do they move along to the next comfortable habitat?

Does the canopy need to be big or small? We know that the leaves help clear pollution out of the atmosphere, but one tells us it needs to be small because kept large the pollution does not escape.

We are told that the large canopies create shade against the strong Sheffield sunlight, (I’m not sure where that came from), but the next expert tells us the heavy canopy creates a damp atmosphere and I can testify to how dangerous the moss can be that grows in these conditions.

One expert tells us that old trees do not clean away the pollution as well as a new tree, another says the reverse.

The only things they seem to agree on are that trees have trunks, leaves, branches and if deciduous lose their leaves in the autumn.

Trees are wonderful things in the right places, I am lucky to have around a dozen in my own garden, the operative word being garden, they are the correct trees for their placements. Unfortunately when our street trees were planted looking to the future was not top priority obviously or we wouldn’t have ended up with forest- size trees growing out of pavements.

SCC could offer a replacement tree to households where a tree is taken down near their house but few would take up the offer as the households do not want the mess on their pavements.

So back to my original argument, if a corresponding number of trees were planted as were removed but away from the pavements the whole city would benefit. The pavements clear for those with walking problems, prams, wheelchair users and those with sight problems, and yes using some of the cleared verges, as is already happening around the city, for off-road parking would make the roads safer as well.

S Thompson

by email