Offensive and in extremely poor taste

Princess Diana visit to Preston in April 1987
Princess Diana visit to Preston in April 1987
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Am I alone in finding the current media expose of Diana Princess of Wales, to be offensive and in extremely poor taste?

Twenty years after her tragic death we are being bombarded by lurid editorial features in the national press, featuring page after page with photographs galore.

The latest hyena to join the pack devouring her reputation and memory is Channel 4 TV.

This bastion of everything noble and good in television has purchased tapes of Diana’s private conversations with her former voice coach Peter Settelen and intends to publish them in a documentary.

He should be ashamed of himself for profiting from selling these tapes, which reveal intimate details of her marriage to the Prince of Wales and her life after her divorce.

Princes William and Harry have recently bared their ‘childhood’ souls in the media, while it is understandable that they wished to make their personal feelings known to the public - was it wise to do so?

They must be very hurt by having their parents personal and intimate details revealed to all and sundry.

Do the public really wish to have her memory besmirched by the gutter press and media - I certainly do not.

Prince Charles is certainly not blameless in this matter, his extra marital affair with Camilla Duchess of Cornwall being the cause of Diana’s divorce.

Yet he must be deeply hurt by William and Harry making little or no reference to him in their memories of life with their mother. To now reveal these tapes on television will only add more sorrow and unhappy memories for all of them.

Diana was very much loved by the nation.

Her kind compassionate empathy with adults and children in all walks of life, together with her many good charitable works made her truly a Princess of the people for the people.

Let her rest in peace.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow. Sheffield, S5