Offence to ride a bike on the pavement?

Cyclist on the pavement
Cyclist on the pavement
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Over the last few years there has been a stretch of pavement 200y ards long on Elm Lane at Sheffield Lane Top that was always a bit of a tripping hazard.

Half of the paving slabs were broken and cracked and some were higher than others.

Occasionally someone would come along and take out a couple of the broken slabs and replace them with new ones. But as these new slabs appeared to be a slightly different size to the old ones they didn’t seem to fit in correctly.

Within a few weeks after they had been walked on a few times the new slabs started to move around and we had the same problem as before.

I know of a couple of people who have tripped and fallen as a result of the uneven surface.

However, a couple of weeks ago those nice men from Amey came along and within a few days they had taken away all the old slabs and resurfaced the pavement with Tarmac. So now we have a lovely surface to walk on without having to be too careful where we place our feet.

Alas, the good news ends there. We now have another problem to contend with on the pavement, inconsiderate cyclists. It has now become a race track for these people.

We have to be on our guard constantly. The speed at which they travel along is ridiculous, plus they have no consideration for pedestrians. I challenged one chap about it and he had the audacity to say “well I did ring my bell when I got near to you”. He could not grasp the fact that it was a pedestrian walkway and not a cycle track. I can understand young children riding on the pavement but not adults. I keep reading/ hearing about cyclists complaining that they are not shown enough consideration on the roads, well isn’t it about time they started showing consideration to pedestrians?

I think I can remember that years ago it was an offence to ride a bike on the pavement.