Off shot the hawk

The Sheffield Falcon having a few minutes  off the nest to spread her wings  before going back to her chics.A lovely sight against the blue sky.  Michael Ellis  Wincobank
The Sheffield Falcon having a few minutes off the nest to spread her wings before going back to her chics.A lovely sight against the blue sky. Michael Ellis Wincobank
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JD Arnold, you are not on your own over birds of prey.

We live at Lodge Moor, (in the countryside) and on my return from a shopping trip last year I was faced with just the bones of one of my pigeons that come on the garden.

A few days later I spotted a hawk on our fence, out I ran just in time as another pigeon was under attack.

Off shot the hawk, but the pigeon had a puncture wound in its neck, and unable to fly.

I rang the RSPCA who came to collect it.

We have a variety of birds, who all get on together.

Sammy squirrel is another visitor, he just passes by, so goodbye birds of prey.

Brenda Wilkinson


Can we have a break now?

Now that the football season is over would we also have a break from all the daft infighting between both Owls and Blades fans otherwise I’m going to campaign for a return of letters about trees.

However, before I start my tree campaign I’d like to have my say on the Owls-Blades saga.

I have been an Owls diehard since God were a lad so I’ve seen perhaps more rubbish than good, but this is how I would weigh up the present set of fans.

The Wednesdayites take whatever success comes their way and embrace it and enjoy it, for it could be a long time before the next lot comes along. They are also prone to have a moan when things are not going too well but they keep it among themselves.

The United lads are a different breed altogether. You only have to take this season as a perfect example.

They have had a great season and rounded it off as champions with a shed load of goals to their credit and well done to them.

Now if that had been Wednesday the fans would have had a ball and not given a toss about anything or anyone.

But Unitedites, instead of getting on with their own celebrations still seem more bothered about what Wednesday are doing or not doing.

That’s pathetic Blades fans, so I suggest enjoy what you’ve achieved and enjoy it to the full because next season could be a different story.

Neither of us have that much success so make the best of it.

Also, while I’m at it I would just like to ask all those owt-for-nowters who turned up to watch the free speedway meeting at the start of the season, where have you all gone too?

If we are going to argue about who is the best team in Sheffield I will put the Tigers up there every time. These lads have no fear, and no brakes on their bikes for that matter and the thrills and entertainment they serve up every Thursday is brilliant.

It’s also good to see both Owls and Blades fans as one in support of our Tigers because in speedway at least we’re all Sheffield, aren’t we?

David A Green

Norfolk Hill, Grenoside, S35

Disabled fishing club

Would the secretary of the Disabled Fishing Club please contact me as I’ve tried other ways to no effect, it is important that I do. My address is 37 Carsick Hill Road, Sheffield, S10 3LW. Tel. 0114 2367810.

Mrs C Peat


A great year for pram man

May I say through The Star what a great year this is for me. I am pushing my pram ever nearer to that Magic Million pounds for Macmillan and my lifetime’s ambition of completing 1,000 races.

But of all the races I have done, London, Nottingham, Great North Run, New York, the list is endless you always remember your very first race. Mine was The Sheffield Star Walk on Whit Tuesday, May 30, 1967, 50 years ago. It was won I remember by one of Sheffield’s greatest walkers John Warhurst. I met John a few times, great man and a gold medallist in the Commonwealth Games.

This has also been a great year for both our football clubs, the Blades and the Owls, united winning the League and the Owls just missing out on another trip to Wembley. Still we have so much to look forward to next season with the derbies. Both the Blades and the Owls supporters have been 100, no 1,000 per cent behind me in my ambition to raise a magic million for Macmillan, because it affects each and every one of us. We have got without doubt two Premiership grounds, we’ve got the crowds, so come on you players get us where we both belong – in the Premiership. Let’s show the likes of Manchester and the London clubs how to play. Come on do it for the fans of the Owls and the Blades. Let’s both go up next season.

Finally, let me say and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, thank you each and every one of you who have helped me to raise such a great amount for Macmillan.

I am so lucky that I can keep going but it’s not me it’s you who make all this possible.

Thank you so much.

Ps Both the Blades and the Owls to go up? An impossible dream? Just remember what Leicester did.

John Burkhill

Richmond Park Grove, Sheffield, S13

Walk on the wild side

Time to sample the Outdoor City and get away from the media feeding frenzy. Saturday finds me on a spectacularly busy Wadsley Common trying to thread my way along paths I once knew as well as the back of my hand along the Crags.

I find Robin Hood’s Cave , still perched above the seething sea of birch trees and spot the whitewashed Trig Point with the monkey puzzle tree and its tinsel star.

The soil is dark and aromatic like the ingredients of a Christmas cake and under the tree canopy with the dappled light it’s like being part of a living camouflage pattern. Alas the dog muck bins in size and appearance like Victorian wall postboxes are crammed to overflowing and wholly inadequate. Birch and dog faeces – I ought to start a tanning business. But the thing that throws a cloud over it is the neglect – how overgrown it is...

Sunday finds me in Wardsend Cemetery where a rejuvenated and outward-looking Friends of Wardsend Group take me back under another but more darker dappled yet gently waving backdrop.

It faces competition from the horrendous noise from the dirt track and worse still from the off-road bikers but again there are signs that more conducive life is being attracted to the area where the river gurgles and sparkles. The soil is of a different texture – who knows? Henry Tatton said ‘it was beautiful here once’ – it could be again.

Ron Clayton


To hell with environment

It seems to me the Editor of the Star, Nancy Fielder, uses the excuse of parking fees, bus fares, and a tram that doesn’t go near where she lives, so that she doesn’t have a guilty conscience about pollution, parking on kerbs, traffic jams, but hey let’s keep driving and to hell with the environment.

EB Warris

by email