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I’ve just been browsing the internet, as you do on a Sunday night with nothing on the TV, and I happened to end up on an established selling site, begins with G and ends in tree.

After reading all the fishing tackle, tools and owt else I landed on I eventually found the job section.

Well to say my jaw dropped is an understatement.

Before my very eyes were ads for door-to-door fundraisers.

Now, as some of you may know, these are not my favourite people at 8 o’clock on a dark windswept night to come knocking on my shut, locked, chained and bolted door so I carried on reading.

The first one was for Shelter, offering a starting pay of £8.50 an hour, rising to £9 an hour after four weeks and the hours are Monday to Friday 2.30pm to 9.30pm. At 9.30, I’m tucked up in bed with my Horlicks.

Anybody who knocks, (hang on they don’t knock, they bang), on my door at that time gets the contents of my Guzunda poured on their head.

There’s no wonder they are knocking at my door at 8pm.

I pity the people who gets the dreaded knock, knock, knock at 9.15pm.

Ater Shelter was Greenpeace, offering £9-£11 an hour. Their hours are 2pm-8pm.

Last but not least is Barnados who pay £10 an hour but don’t state times.

So apart from this letter Shelter AND Greenpeace will also be getting a letter with my address telling them to keep there door-to-door nuisances away from my door between 8am and 7.59am the following day.

I wonder how much the charities make after paying all that money out?


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