Nuisance callers

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All cold calls are to display the phone number but I still don’t believe this is going far enough.

When I make a call my name is displayed as the caller so people can either accept the call or reject it.

I receive numerous calls and don’t recognise the numbers so just ignore most of them, especially the ones with 0333, 0203,0845 and other numbers which I suspect may be PPI or other scam calls.

I think as well as a phone number a caller name should also be displayed.

You hear so many rumours of people being conned out of money by answering these calls and it should also be brought in that it must be a person making the call and not a computer picking random numbers.

At least if it was a person you could tell them in no uncertain terms where to get off and not to bother me again.

I am Dave and my number is 077******* it’s that easy.


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