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EU Referendum
EU Referendum
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I would like to enlighten B Heaton, (Letters, June 20), with a few facts as he/she mistakenly assumes that I am an affluent pensioner living a life of luxury.

In my letter, (Star, June 15), regarding the General Election I did indeed say that young people and spiteful Remainers had taken their revenge by misguidedly voting for Jeremy Corbyn and thereby plunging the country into turmoil. I also said that the young voters were selfish and very gullible in believing the rash promises made in the Labour Party manifesto.

B Heaton responded by accusing me of being a bigot and a racist and says I am the one who is selfish, and that people are “not all thick as you put it”. This seems to be another case of someone not reading a letter carefully as nowhere did I say anyone was “thick”. Also as someone who previously had a 26-year relationship with a Jamaican man I can hardly be described as a bigot or a racist.

As for being “well-off” I receive the basic State Pension, (no private pension, no extras or top-ups), and live in a modest flat which my daughter purchased from the council with her hard-earned money from working full-time in a very demanding job. Having been a single-parent since 1968 there have been some difficult financial struggles over the years as I brought my daughter up. Nothing has come easily and I have had to watch the pennies carefully as no money has ever been available for luxuries.

So you see it isn’t always wise to jump to conclusions or stoop to personal insults without knowing all the facts, as you can end up looking rather foolish like B Heaton. Things are not always as they appear and I am far from being one of the “I’m alright Jack” brigade.

Regarding B Heaton’s comments on the present political situation it was made quite clear in the Referendum that the majority of British people voted to leave the EU, and now that the Brexit negotiations have commenced the bitter Remainers need to accept the democratic decision of the electorate and stop damaging our country with their negative doom and gloom predictions.

I am confident that the United Kingdom has a bright future now that we can take back control of our own country and make decisions in our own Parliament. Everyone now needs to pull together to make our exit from the European Union successful.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10