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Pot holes
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I wrote a letter to The Star which was published on April 25 in which I stated how disgusted I was with the state of the roads and pavements in Firth Park.

I also pointed a finger at Councillor Peter Price to which he replied by claiming Firth Park was out of his area, although he visits the area every week, and said that I didn’t know the electoral boundaries.

What has that got to do with his response to not putting pressure on the councillor whose job it is as our representative?

I attended a meeting with Sanctuary in March 2015 and was assured that Amey’s work would be done starting June/July that year. One year on and nothing has happened.

After making inquiries at the shops I was told that the owners are responsible for half the pavement, so it’s up to our councillors to put pressure on.

Furthermore, I am glad you have printed a two-page account of Firth Park and what a dive it is.

I totally agree it gets more like Page Hall and Beirut every day.

It’s a pity you didn’t have a photo of the pavement, especially in Bellhouse Road by the bus stops.


Shiregreen Owl