Not another dance troupe...

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ALL this talk of former Sheffield guitarist Herbie Armstrong appearing on Britain’s Got Talent reminds another city musician of his brush with the show.

Chris Wintle, known to some city folk as the Demon Organist, auditioned in Liverpool last year.

“I waited six hours in a room full of assorted wannabes,” says the 55-year-old. “If I ever see another Scouse dance troupe I’ll go mad.”

Criminally, producers decided not to put his Les Dawson referencing routine through to the show.

n DON Lemons has been in touch.

He’s the Sheffield IT technician who set up the website in the (somewhat optimistic) hope people would do exactly that.

“I’ve just got back from a holiday that didn’t cost me a penny,” he says. “The wife paid.”


But the total donated so far? A fiver - £4 of which came from his family.

Back to the get-rich-quick drawing board, eh Don?

n FABULOUS photography exhibition going on right now at Sheffield’s Workstation – and you might just be in it.

Luke Avery’s 365 Project, as already featured in The Star, saw him take a picture of a different stranger in a different part of Sheffield for every day of 2010.

Plenty of those snapped have already turned up to inspect the results, with many having their picture taken next to their picture (if you see what I mean) – but see if you can guess the spoilsport not happy with hers.

The clue? She’s the one with her face blacked out and a note simply saying ‘Redacted by request’.