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It is obvious that, despite any tenuous connection with the Scottish First Minister, Ronald Coyne the Cambridge undergraduate who burned a £20 note in front of a homeless person is not Scottish.

No true Scot would be capable of such an action.

John Eoin Douglas

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No respect for others

Painting double yellow lines near schools does not work unless the restrictions are enforced.

I frequently drop off and pick up my grandchildren from Windmill Hill School in Chapeltown where double yellow lines are ignored on a daily basis.

There are also issues with double parking which often prevents buses or large vehicles travelling along the road.

Unless an army of wardens are employed, the restrictions will be ignored by parents who seem to leave their brains at home when doing the school run.

May I also say that 20 miles per hour speed limit zones are also a waste of time.

In my experience, very few drivers take any notice of the speed restrictions and in fact many motorists exceed 30 mph.

Again the speed restrictions are fine in principle but are unenforceable.

I am afraid that too many people today have no respect for others and only think of themselves.

Roger Bird

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Selfish parking

Living near Watercliffe Meadows school just makes you see the problem of selfish parking on a daily basis.

With cars that have display signs saying “little princess or prince on board” and then you see them on a daily basis ruining grass verges, that until recently had been looked after but now is ruined and looks a mess.

Then you have the really loving parents who need to get their car so close to the school gate that they park directly under the no parking sign, you know, so they do not have to walk that bit further.

John Moore

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The cost of booking fees

I would like to draw attention to the booking fees/fulfilment fees being charged by Sheffield City Hall for concert tickets.

I recently bought a ticket online for a concert at the City Hall.

The ticket cost £40. However, on top of this, I was charged an online booking fee of 12% plus a fulfilment fee of £2.

This meant that I was charged a total of £46.80. In my opinion, that’s a rip-off!

The 12% online booking fee seems unfair, given that there is no administrative work for the box office staff when you select/purchase tickets online.

The fulfilment fee is either £2 for posting the ticket to your home address or £1 if you collect the ticket from the box office. Again, this seems unfair.

In contrast, Sheffield Theatres do not charge booking fees and post tickets out free of charge.

Also, unlike the City Hall, Sheffield Theatres offer discounted ticket prices for particular groups eg students/disabled people/senior citizens etc.

I think the City Hall should adopt the same practices as Sheffield Theatres and stop ripping off the concert-goers of Sheffield.

If not, they may find that a large number of people will be unable to afford the cost of attending concerts at the City Hall.


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Council tax rise dismay

The news that Sheffield Council is to raise the council tax causes me dismay. The principle behind the rise ­cannot be denied and admired.

What I am concerned about is the distribution of this money?

It is to be implemented on the guise of being for home and health care for the elderly and infirm.

This is magnificent if this is what will happen to the extra funds that are raised.

My fear is that this council will use this extra money for other needs.

It reminds me of Winston Churchill who diverted the money raised from the then road tax (this being implemented to improve and to look after roads ) he diverted this money for other uses.

I and many more would gladly give extra money’s if it is to be ring fenced for the purpose for which it is collected, and not to supplement further the management and share holder profits of the rest/nursing home industry.

I do not hold my breath with this hope and can well see it being kept as the fattening cow of governments in raising extra taxes.



Lost blue medical bag

I am 74 years old and recently on February 8 at approx 16 50 hours I arrived at Sheffield railway station after visiting my family in Newcastle, I had assistance from the rail staff from train to the setting down rank for a taxi.

Unfortunately I lost a blue medical bag with inhalers and little machine inside to help with my breathing which I use regularly.

The name Aero Sure was on the blue bag, if anyone found it please could they return it to address inside the bag and also with a red and white sos label on and it also has my telephone number.

If you know or saw anyone I would be very grateful as it is a quite expensive little machine .

I would be most grateful, no need for postage as I will pay when it gets delivered, thank you.

Brian Coleman

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Reply to Ron’s letter

As one of the dwindling number of Sheffielders who read the paper edition, Ron, in moments of mental clarity I write some good replies then don’t send them.

In the same Star and Retro (Saturday, February 4) there are people/articles I can relate to.

For example, Maurice Thomson who shares my knowledge of old Neepsend; Eric Leslie, who in my mind’s eye, I mix up with the great Peter Harvey and Draughtsman/architect Peter Elliot, and so on, and so.

The Wheel goes round and round mi’ol.

Your old boss, you mention in the same letter, Mike Granville, humanist, (regret I’ve lost his article) who gave a tribute to Brian Sellars November 18, 2005 on a crisp sunny very cold day, got much of the details from a wonderful, lifelong friend of Brian, Dave Ludlum and Bob Barrett.

After the funeral at Hope Cemetery, off Edale Rd, Mary and me with daughter Susan Alexander (who was a massive help to Brian) and her four children, Kim Boswell (Cyril’s daughter) shared a table at the Scotsman’s Pack with Dave and Bob.

Thanks to a Burdett coach for the journey Hope to Hathersage!

How do I recall this?

I’ve still got the wine bottle and notes taken at the time, plus Sue’s excellent memory.

Brian Sellars was a great bloke, polio victim, and most unusual for a Socialist, having a great sense of humour.

A lot of us paid tribute to this at his graveside.

Don Alexander

Knab Rd, S7