Not a good legacy at all, Councillor Price

World Student Games
World Student Games
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I read with incredulity the letter from Councillor Price on August 2, claiming that one of the legacies of the ill-fated and ill-funded World Student games was that we have “venues where our children and grandchildren can develop their skills and talents”.

I wonder if CounPrice remembers the adulation that he partook in and enjoyed after May 2, 1998, when our own Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Football Club did the unthinkable causing the biggest upset probably ever in the history of Rugby League, beating the mighty Wigan side 17-8 at Wembley?

Sure, a civic reception followed and of course, the Eagles had been playing at the new Don Valley stadium.

So my reflections on Coun Price’s letter about involvement and participation leads me to question this council’s approach in demolishing a key venue after only 24-25 years, making the only professional rugby league team in Sheffield once again nomadic in their journey for survival day to day and week by week, and still no decision about possible site or venue for the 2018 season.

This is the Sheffield Eagles who have survived through adversity and opposition.

They will do again no doubt – there is such a fighting spirit in that club it appears from what I read in the local press and rugby league press, but it is certainly disingenuous to claim that Councillor Price’s local Labour Party decisions foster the “best sporting and cultural facilities for the people of Sheffield” .

Professional rugby league currently does not have a home in Sheffield, and support has dwindled due to the Eagles playing in Wakefield.

Not a good legacy at all, CounPrice.

Steve Bell

Airedale Road, Wadsley, S6