Noodle along to a potty pyramid

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YOU’VE no doubt heard of flash mobs - those ‘spontaneous’ events which see excitable young people converge on a public space to ‘have fun’.

Well, coming to Sheffield is a Flash Pot.

Similar idea but everyone takes along a pot noodle with the aim of building a giant snack food pyramid.

But this isn’t students being wacky. It’s all in the name of Sheffield’s sterling Cathedral Archer Project homeless charity.

All of the noodles will be used to feed the city’s homeless. Takes place outside Sheffield Cathedral next Thursday at 1pm.

A SAD indication of Sheffield’s pub industry comes from a city internet forum.

“What’s the pub name that there’s most of in the city?” asks one resident.

“‘For Lease’ is the most I’ve seen lately,” answers another.

SOME advice to the mum, on the front of The Star yesterday, whose four-year-old son is coming home from school every day “thirsty and miserable” because teachers won’t let him break the rules and drink flavoured water: tell him to drink it unflavoured.

Problem solved.

NAOMI Crowder has been in touch again. To put us straight.

Sheffield’s super fit 74-year-old was aghast to read in Tuesday’s Diary that she completed The Great North Swim in under 55 minutes.

It wasn’t wrong exactly but the retired Crucible worker wishes to point out it was actually under 50.

“Forty-nine minutes and 45 seconds to be exact,” she says. “And when the water’s 16 degrees those five minutes are a long time.”

We doff our cap to her. Again.