Nonsense from Monica

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In her column on Saturday, March 19, Monica made certain points regarding the mourning of celebrities and she commented on the massive mourning for the late Princess Diana.

I have to disagree very strongly with her comments.

A lot of the sadness regarding Diana’s death was the way she died and the way she had been treated by the Royal family.

Don’t let’s forget that Prince Charles was an adulterer and therefore should not be allowed to become King.

His uncle had to abdicate because he married a divorcee but the Royals change the rules to suit themselves.

I hope by Monica’s comments she is not referring to Camilla as replacing Diana as the new Princess.

That will never be in many people’s eyes, mine especially.

I saw Diana in Chesterfield and was three feet away from her. I will never forget the moment, she was breathtakingingly beautiful and so natural.

Some people have short memories.

Diana had a mixed childhood and just wanted to be loved but Charles only ever loved himself and Camilla.

The Queen has a lot to answer to as well as she should have put Charles in his place and told him the affair with the ‘Rottweiler’ must stop.