Non-event of the year

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The world must have gone to sleep last week if The Star couldn’t find anything better to print than the non-event of the year, that a planning application for a restaurant may be turned down.

Some may think it worth a small mention but surely not a front-page headline followed by a two-page spread.

City planners must be receiving recommendations from officials on a daily basis without all this fuss.

Customers and waiters crossing on the stairs and issues with the toilets, seem to me justifiable concerns and presumably the applicant can adjust their plans to make it safe for all.

I for one am not “scratching my head in confusion” or “stamping my feet in frustration”. Neither have I “lost confidence” in our planners as a result.

My feeling is one of incredulity that the Star editor finds this worthy of such a big, dramatic report and wants the city planners to ignore health and safety issues.

Why should the fact that this is a large restaurant chain have a bearing on the matter? I prefer local ownership.

So please, if there is nothing better to fill the pages, why not get EB Warris to write longer letters? Even that would be more interesting.


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