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There is no place for referendums in the government of the United Kingdom.

People with little knowledge, lied to by politicians on both sides of the argument, voting on an issue so complicated that they cannot possibly understand what they are voting for – either for or against.

I certainly did not understand all the issues or who to believe.

The United Kingdom government is elected to govern; the clue is in the name.

The referendum is the cowardly retreat of a government that feels it is too weak to govern and therefore abdicates its responsibilities to the people who are not qualified on the subject for the reasons given above.

Cameron gave in to holding a referendum because he was afraid of his backbenches and the leader of UKIP.

He was afraid of losing power and thought that he could win.

History will judge him as one of the UK’s weakest Prime Ministers.

Clegg must also take some responsibility for propping up the previous Lib-Con government.

After years of Tory austerity the amount the UK government owes has risen since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

The key measure of public sector net debt has risen from £960 billion in April 2010, just before the coalition government came to power, has almost doubled to currently stand at £1.837 trillion and is rising at £5,170 per second. Is the economy safe in their hands? Your sacrifices have been in vain.

Cameron has achieved more than Kaiser Bill, Adolf Hitler and two world wars, a path for Germany to become the major ruling power in Europe without the restraining hand of the UK.

When the battle was won the victors ran for the hills. Following Nigel Farage’s stuttering resignations he grabbed for the coat tails of Donald Trump.

Nigel Farage has vowed to leave the UK and live abroad if Brexit turns out to be a “disaster”.

This is very interesting coming from someone who does not believe in the free movement of people but something to look forward to. UK’s ambassador to the USA? I don’t think so.

Boris Johnson’s courage failed him leaving Teresa May as the unelected leader of the Conservative party and our new Prime Minister.

May, a previous ‘remainer’ took her revenge on the ‘Brexiters’ by appointing them to the following Secretary of State ministerial roles Boris Johnson – Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, David Davis – Exiting the European Union and Liam Fox International Trade and President of the Board of Trade.

May has created this “trilemma” since these three gentlemen are not known to be the best of friends and these are the main ministerial posts that will be responsible for the Brexit negotiations.

The UK has not negotiated a trade deal alone for 44 years and is woefully short of experienced negotiators. Who do we have to stand up to the best negotiators 27 European countries can call on?

There are many questions to be answered.

Are we going to be allowed to carry on being involved in European research projects?

There has been a vast reduction of foreign academics applying for posts at UK universities.

How are we going to pay farm subsidies and how will this effect food prices?

Brexit negotiations are not a priority to Germany and France who will be concentrating this year on their national elections so they are likely to drag on past the planned two years.

The enemies of the UK are sensing a weakness in the UK government and are planning its demise.

In the countries of the UK that voted to remain Sinn Féin has decided to make Northern Ireland ungovernable and the Scottish Parliament led by the SNP have voted for a new referendum on independence.

It is in the interests of the super powers, Russia and the USA, to see a weaker Europe. Russia is constantly testing the UK’s defences – earlier this year RAF jets were scrambled to intercept Russian Tu-160 “Blackjack” bombers, planes that spent more than five hours skirting the edges of British airspace.

Russia has invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

We have sent 800 UK troops to Estonia as part of a NATO plan to deter Russian aggression in the Baltic and RAF Typhoon jets are to be deployed to Romania to help combat Russian aggression in the Black Sea.

In this new world it is harder to know who our friends are.

‘We should remember that the EU’s main role was to achieve a stable Europe and prevent war.

I hope that we have not thrown the baby out with the bath water.

Roger Marsh


A good whipping?

You were so impressed by the organisation of this year’s Grand National, EB Warris, but ‘a great outcome for animal rights’ is far from true.

Luckily, no horses got hurt, or needed to be put out of their misery this year, so yeah... a great outcome.

Perhaps Mr Warris didn’t notice the over-enthusiastic jockeys with their whips

I don’t think he’d like ‘a good whipping’ on his backside.

Twisted Nerve

by email

It’s beyond belief

Copy of an email I have just sent to Sheffield Wednesday.

I am writing to register my disgust at the ticket prices for away supporters at SWFC on Saturday, April 22.

Before you tell me this is the cost for home supporters or it is what we have charged all season etc etc – it doesn’t change my opinion one jot.

£36 is an absolute disgrace however you look at it, and shows as a football club you are fleecing real supporters and are doing nothing to enhance the reputation of your club.

£30 is overpriced for international football, but £36 for Championship football is beyond belief.

With the increased funding from TV rights, the price of a match ticket should be decreasing not increasing, and I am not surprised your fantastic, large stadium is not very often full, despite you having a very good season.

Mark Webster

by email

Look out Wednesday

Massive congratulations to the Blades on their promotion to the Championship.

To P Godfrey, Stocksbridge, who on February 13, stated the Blades were on 63 points and would remain in League One another season.

Well Mr Godfrey, we are promoted with 88 points and counting and may well be champions.

The Owls better look out as we are coming to get you next season, because I doubt you are going anywhere.



UK under his thumb

I wondered how long it would be before Trump attacked a Middle Eastern country.

Was it fake or genuine news he relied on?

How long before our weak PM has to follow considering the USA has us under its thumb?

S Ellis