No one has the right to give our country away

EU Referendum
EU Referendum
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It was worrying to read Dr Richard Steven’s contribution to Freeview, June 8 relating to the General Election.

Among other things he seems to be opposed to the post-Brexit UK making trade deals with United States, the largest economy in the world, by the implausible conjecture it would lead to the privatisation of the NHS.

Throughout his article, he indulges in a one-sided tirade, bemoaning the negative aspects of the nations democratic decision to leave the European Union.

He vainly attempts to bolster his unconvincing argument by quoting what the unelected Jean-Claude Junker, another rabid Europhile, might or might not have said in detriment to our choice.

He concludes by suggesting, sarcastically, that anyone who agrees to Brexit must be a Conservative or UKIP supporter, conveniently overlooking the fact that the Labour Party has conceded that Brexit must take place and that “freedom of movement” must come to an end.

If Dr Stevens is a NHS professional, as his article implies, he really should be mindful of his position before offering such biased and misleading information on the eve of a General Election.

No doubt the more reasoned members of his profession will want to distance themselves from such politicised conjecture and supposition.

In common with most Remainers there seems to be denial about the electorate’s genuine concerns over unchecked immigration and the unsustainable expansion of England’s population. They never mention it. They simply do not want to know.

Leaving the EU is likely to bring difficulties to our nation, the indecisive outcome of the election will no doubt inflame what is already a precarious state of affairs. But, are we to give up almost 1,000 years of independence for fear of few years of hardship?

Are we to prostitute our children’s and grandchildren’s birthright, (our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for it for us), for a few pieces of silver?

The invasion has to stop. Whatever our beliefs and opinions are, no one has the right to give our country away.

The Remainers should give up the forlorn hope of staying in the EU, respect the nation’s decision and join the Leavers in making the best of Brexit.

Brian McQueen

Bennetthorpe, Doncaster