No hugs, just a Glasgow kiss

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A READER - we’ll leave him unnamed for his own sake - responds to this column’s warning that tomorrow is National Hug Your Boss Day.

“Not sure about hugging the muppet,” says our man. “But there’s plenty of times I’d like to give him a Glasgow kiss.”

n NICE to see Sheffield’s local music scenesters are reading this page.

“Of all the places to discover new music,” writes a city blogger on his website Keep/Pop/Loud, “I never thought I’d cite local rag The Star. But lo-and-behold picking up an issue for the first time ever (I needed the jobs section) I came across a full page feature on Sheffield Uke City.”

We’re sure he uses the term ‘rag’ affectionately. Ahem.

In any case Mr Loud is a big fan of Kate Pham, the ukulele-totting Nether Edge teenager featured here last week.

“The naive sound of the ukulele perfectly matches her indiepop aesthetic,” reads the blog. “And that combined with her endearing talent provides a great base for a music career.”

Forget looking for a job, lad. With prose like that you should be writing for Rolling Stone.

n IT warmed the cockles of this old heart to read about Tim O’Sullivan in Tuesday’s Star.

He’s the 86-year-old Hackenthorpe granddad who, every day, can be seen sweeping rubbish from the streets and keeping his area clean.

Why? Well, because, as he himself said, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t have a TV, so he has to do something.

Now he’s being rewarded with an invite to have a cup of tea with council leader, Julia Dore.

Not everyone’s idea of a reward, maybe - but, in this age of riots and cuts, isn’t it nice to know good deeds are still recognised?

Top job, Tim.

n AND finally a quick note of good luck to all the teenagers (and parents of) receiving A-Level results today.

Remember: grades are important but so is the style in which you celebrate (or commiserate) tonight.