No consultation, no vote for me

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I had a letter printed earlier this year stating my views on the total lack of consultation and accountability by elected Sheffield councillors.

Shortly after that letter I emailed the three councillors who represent High Green, asking what they intended to do to sort out the mess the council had got into with the buses, tree felling, the HS2 station debate, the future of the Moor Market and on how they consult and acquire the electorate’s views on projects and decisions that affect them.

This resulted with one replying by email answering a number of the questions I had asked, one failing to respond at all and the third, Adan Hurst – Labour, asking to visit my home to discuss the points I had raised.

During the visit the councillor explained what actions the council had taken but seemed to have no clear way forward on the lack of consultation, other than to suggest I visit his surgery or come and meet him at the local Miners Welfare Club.

He said that an email database of local tenants was ‘a good idea but could not be undertaken because it was too close to the next council elections’ – this visit was in early February and the elections are this week.

I am 67 and have voted for the Labour Party all my life but I will only be voting for a representative who is willing to seek my views on local matters.

As none of the parties have made any efforts to change or improve on the current status quo, my response will be no consultation – no vote.

I will be writing that statement across my voting paper, making it a spoilt vote.

For all those thousands of people who feel the people of Sheffield deserve better, then please join with me in making this protest.

If we continue to go along with electing councillors who believe all they have to do is turn up on election night, then nothing will change and the issues will simply change to the same issues in the future with different names.

I believe it’s time to make the views of Sheffielders known and not be taken for granted or ignored.

Dennis Pinde

Mapplebeck Road, High Green, Sheffield S35