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I have driven a car since I was 18, I’m now 46, never had an accident, or even a tiny bump that’s been my fault. My only claims have been for a few joyriders who stole three of my cars in the past.

I don’t pay much for my cars, let’s say between £400 to £700, so just under three years ago I stopped driving altogether, mainly to get fit, using my bike for work, using the train to take my family on holidays and so on.

On November 5, last year I thought I’d buy myself a cheap runaround, got a brilliant little Peugeot for £400, (gets me over the winter months), came to insure it, and I’d lost all my 10 years’ no-claims bonus, because I stopped driving for more than two years. Instead of it costing me £270 a year, it’s costing me £1,000 a year, to insure my little cheap runaround.

Mrs Robin