No CCTV, no taxi permit

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So eight taxi drivers don’t want CCTV installed in their cabs, so have appealed against the ruling and quite rightly have lost their appeal.

There are many reasons for installing it – eg if they get robbed, if they get assaulted, if someone runs of without paying, if they get accused of anything.

Did the drivers give any reasons for not installing CCTV?

It says the new policy aims to rebuild trust in Rotherhams taxi industry but what these eight drivers who lodged the appeal have done in my eyes is given the trust issue a knock back.

No CCTV should mean no taxi permit.

I also think these eight should be named so passengers could decide whether to ride with them or not.


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Good to see

Its good to see that Sheffield Cathedral is keeping up with tradition right through the Christmas period they are continuing with their services and open to everyone, its certainly heart warming and welcoming, a place for all.

EB Warris