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So Mr David Slater believes there needs to be a red light district, but not where his business is.

Since it appears the majority of the red light business is already in Attercliffe then maybe it should be kept and looked after in that area of Sheffield.

I live near Kelham Island and not too far from the Wicker, and already seethe ladies plying their trade on even the coldest, dankest nights.

So no, I don’t want the area to be located nearer to my home, more so than it already is.

Driving up Rutland Road you cannot help but see these people.

It’s not nice and it’s not fair on the people who live in the area.

John Moore


Internet server error

Upon accessing the Libraries and Archives site on Sheffield City Council’s website the other day, I noticed a couple of hyperlinks entitled: “Chinese Investment in the Central Library – Get Involved”, and “Cabinet Paper on the China Economic Programme”.

And while one can access the first link to read the basic council propaganda in support of the library decision, nevertheless, upon trying to access the cabinet paper, one ends up confronted by the message: “500 – Internet server error”.

This message still came up today when I had another go at accessing the said site.

I wonder why this is happening.

After all, I was using a Sheffield Library computer terminal at the time.

So perhaps the cabinet paper referred to is for the attention of the self-appointed magic circle only?

In which case, given a supposed committment to transparency and clarity on the part of SCC, then how come such information is seemingly restricted to the wider public? Especially if it’s supposed to be such a brilliantly beneficial strategy for the future of the city?

Therefore would the council powers that be care to shed any light upon such a matter?

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36

An ideal politician

One may judge a person by the people he admires.

We know from rants that TP of Hoyland is a fan of Nigel Farage and he recently told us what a fine fellow Donald Trump really is.

Now it seems far-right Marine Le Pen is his ideal French politician.

Comment, as they say, would be superfluous.

David Turner

Upper Wortley Road, Thorpe Hesley

Hospital staff are angels

My mum was admitted to the acute medical unit at the Northern General Hospital recently and I couldn’t believe the stunning staff from the sister to the staff nurses to the support staff and the ambulance people – unbelievable.

They are all so beautiful – you have to see them to believe it, and so nice and professional with it.

You can tell they care and do it for the love of the job and not the money, which is a joke compared to other jobs.

Perhaps they could have a fashion makeover or something/anything as a boost and much needed praise – I think it would mean a lot at the moment.

Nothing is too much trouble for them.

There is also a nurse on A&E – I think she is called Lizzie – who is an absolute angel.

In a really upsetting time they are truly angels.

D A Wragg

Avon Grove, Chapeltown, Sheffield

The same boring topic

I cancelled my subscription to the Star two months ago because I was sick to the back teeth about reading about tree felling.

So I buy the Star today and guess what? Yep, still on about the same boring topic.

I’ll try again in another couple of months.

Ted Fowler

by email

Let there

be light

As a Crookes resident for over 60 years and regularly walking up and down Westen Road, I would like to enter my personal view on this tree- felling saga.

On a bright summer day these trees will restrict huge amounts of sunlight and daylight from entering the front rooms of these properties, which would be devastating.

If Amey were to turn up one morning outside my house on Western Road with all guns blazing, I’d go outside and offer to oil their chainsaws.

Let there be light.

John Vintin

by email

Takeaway central

Several years ago after I suggested that Firth Park shopping centre was becoming overrun by takeaway shops, I was informed by Councillor Alan Laws that the area still hadn’t reached saturation point for takeaways.

Since then several more have opened, so I find it unbelievable that we are now supposedly having a Subway takeaway on the corner of Firth Park Crescent and Bellhouse Road.

I was also informed that extra bollards would be provided to stop illegal parking on the pavement, two outside Nat West Bank and two outside Chachies takeaway. Nothing appears to be happening.

Also I wonder if the double yellow lines at the bottom of Firth Park Crescent should be removed because nobody takes any notice of them, so why bother repainting them in at our expense?

It seems once again the council has kept the local residents of Firth Park in the dark with regards to the Subway development.

N Levick

Long time resident of Firth Park

Localism agenda sham

The volunteer-run public services, such as Sheffield branch libraries, are all part of the localism agenda which is in turn part of the government’s austerity agenda.

Around 12 per cent of all public libraries are now volunteer-led, all part of this ideologically-driven austerity/localism agenda being implemented by the Conservative government.

It is a shame that so many councillors have embraced the localism sham.

Before the austerity programme implemented by the previous Con/LibDem coalition and the current Tory government, voluntary organisations were already finding it difficult to respond to increased need for their services because of the recession.

Community groups which emerge for other reasons than to deliver services are a way for people with less power in society (most of us) to look out for each other and represent ourselves.

These groups should not have been used to keep libraries in Sheffield and elsewhere open on the cheap as they have been.

Joe Clarke