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I appreciate the news value of the so-called terrorist incident in Westminster but must we really have all the repeat footage and interviews on the BBC news?

It’s bad enough with all the repeats but then we get all the rubbish interviews from people who were nowhere near the incident but just want to get their face on the TV.

Just give us the facts and tell us later what really happened.

John Vintin

by email

Terrorists to saints?

How come terrorists ranging from Ben-Gurion, Arafat, Mandela and many more and now McGuiness are all lauded after death, some before, as good human beings?

Not one any different whatsoever when compared with the latest London terrorist killer.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Memory problems?

Sorry Vin Malone but I have no memory problems.

I was born at 10 Scotia Close, Manor, December 5, 1935. I started at St Theresa’s, September 1939 and our dad was school attendance officer, (school bobby).

From our kitchen window we could see the 32 bus stop on Wulfric Road and as he waited for the bus he would wave to me as mum prepared me for school.

Miss Camm was headmistress, teachers included Miss McKee, Mrs Sant, Miss Watson, Miss Manogue and Miss Clifford.

During the 1940s the area now covered by Manor Park was a tip for steelworks slag, constantly smoking and known locally as the burning tip.

During WW11 the current area Manor Park Road etc was an army camp with anti-aircraft rocket launches, never fired in anger as the German air raids were over.

Towards the end of the war Sheffield Transport Department borrowed some London buses. These were old with external stairs to the top deck. I travelled downstairs on one of these on the 32 route because mum would not climb the external stairs.

Father Grogan was parish priest at St Theresa’s and at nine years old I was one of his altar boys.

One day in the winter of 1946-47 I struggled through deep snow to serve at morning mass and saw a No 32 bus stuck in a drift at the junction of Wulfric Road and Fairleigh.

September 1947 I left St Theresa’s for De la Salle at Pitsmoor. My free travel pass stipulated Intake Tram from Wulfric Road to town and then Pitsmoor Tram. However if I was late I would pay the one penny fare on the Woodthorpe No 32 because it was quicker.

The No 32 Woodthorpe bus has run from Pond Street through the Manor to Woodthorpe at least since the late 1930s.

Peter Wolstenholme

by email

Come home Bill Bailey

I am trying to track down my old friend Bill Bailey.

Bill and his mother moved to Shirecliffe from near the Midland Station in the late 1950s.

There must still be many people who will remember Bill, who was both creative and adventurous.

He was an exceptional footballer for Boynton Sports and Ecclesfield Red Rose.

He became a modern-thinking companion at English Steel Corporation (now Forgemasters) as a fellow staff metallurgical student.

For instance, his thoughts on lorry diesel fumes were decades in advance.

He was the first staff member at ESC to commence breaking the mould of short back and sides hair styles before the Beatles and Rolling Stones’ era.

His workmates named his girlfriends affectionately by the districts that they lived in, eg Shiregreen Jean, Darnall Doreen and Jordanthorpe Janet, a statement of Bill’s adventurous outlook on life.

Together with our friend Tony Watson and families, all efforts, including social media, to trace Bill have failed.

Bill, like most of his surviving friends, will still be on the youthful side of 80.

Bill, if you are still out there, as the 50s and 60s song went, “Bill Bailey won’t you please come home?”

You’ve been away too long.

Mike Dodgson, still counting my blessings


Festival cancelled

How sad and frustrating it is that this years Wadsley Arts Festival has had to be cancelled so soon after it was announced and when some of us had put some events on paper for it.

With the recently highlighted but welcome development in getting shut of the rusty old gate of my old school and the news that the Top Field, (incorrectly referred to being on the boundary between Wadsley and Wisewood), is going to be built on further it’s clear that the remaining traces of the Wadsley I knew as a kid are withering.

Perhaps some of the landlords of the local pubs might be interested in one or two talks on that vanishing era?

In the meantime I hope the guy who has taken an interest in Wadsley Churchyard keeps it up in respect of what remains a much loved place by me.


Take the rest with you

It’s great news Leigh Bramall is to leave the council after 13 years.

This is unlucky for us, as Southey is fast becoming the forgotten estate of Sheffield – rundown, litter-strewn, churned- up grass verges, new roads and pavements already breaking up after less than a year.

Beautiful trees chopped down just to save money.

Good riddance. Can’t you take the rest with you.

R Cutts


It’s not the best of three

I find it incomprehensible that when a referendum is held that those who don’t agree with the outcome seem to think that they have a right for another vote.

Scotland voted AGAINST leaving the UK, and the UK voted FOR leaving the EU, so why do people moan and complain when it has been a democratic decision.

Just remember, it is not the best of three, and we have to deal with the decisions made.

Nicola Sturgeon is always moaning about wanting another referendum and it is getting boring listening to her day in day out.

Has she no other issues that need dealing with?

Lindsay Bonsall

by email

Tiny photos of criminals

It is a good idea to put photos of criminals in The Star, (March 20), but why are the photographs the size of postage stamps? We can’t see them.

If you can put blown-up photos of Derwent Dams and other beauty spots in The Star, why can’t you blow up the photos of criminals?

Ralph Johnson


Footnote: These pictures are often poor quality CCTV images, so will become distorted if they are blown up to much.