New tables are cutting edge

Justin Morris and his tables
Justin Morris and his tables
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IS this the most well-armed coffee table in the world?

Furniture maker Justin Morris has crafted this living room talking point by setting dozens of Stanley knife blades into a resin top. In the shape of a seahorse.


“Because tables can be so boring yet they’re one of the most important things in your home,” says the 37-year-old founder of Kool Tables, based at the CADS complex, in Smithfield, Sheffield.

It’s not just blades he’s set in the see-through tops either.

There are coffee beans, bottle lids and comic books - “essentially it can be adapted to feature anything.”

He set up the business just two months ago but the former prop builder, of Mowbray Street, Sheffield, says he’s already been inundated with inquiries and orders.

And no wonder - it’s a top table top, for sure.