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Singing baby
Singing baby
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The latest AA ad on TV with the little girl in the back of the car singing is absolutely the best one to date.



Where are the buffers?

Where are the buffers? The buffer boy and buffer girl who used to appear in the clock tower in Orchard Square, Sheffield? Because they don’t appear any more.

I have been told they are in need of repair, but there is not enough money and a clockmaker can’t be found to repair them.


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Big deal

Big fanfare that a new Poundland is coming to Cortonwood.

Now I don’t mind a pound shop once in a while but I don’t think it’s worthy of all the hype.

More budget shops is just the sign of the times.

Jayne Grayson

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Sheffield and the Navy

Sheffield and its links with the once mighty Royal Navy? Here’s a personal view.

Snowballs against the windows in Ben Lane as the sea cadets and junior bootnecks exited Loxley House.

Loxley House TS Sheffield with the Oerlikon gun and the invaluable Elizabethan monitor/gunboat figurehead that should have ended up in a museum, but a PO said lose it so they burnt it round the back.

Naval Ordnance in Jansen Street, The armour plate rolled for HMS Warrior on display in the jewel in the crown that is Kelham Island.

The ensign and bell of HMS Sheffield in the Cathedral, oh yes and the stainless steel plaque outside that remembers Sheffield and the rest lost in the Falklands.

Dare I say it wants refurbishing/replacing?

Put there by Chambers of Commerce from the cities involved.

If you want links with the Senior Service you could upgrade the latter for a start.

Lest we forget. It’s more than just Rum Sodomy and the Lash.

Ron Clayton


Shoes are perfect

I’ve just been reading in Friday’s Star about a girl who was sent home from school because of her shoes not being the right ones.

I don’t agree with the school, those shoes are perfect.

When I was at school they didn’t like my shoes because they were high-heeled, but I told them there are other girls in high heels here.

Christina Spencer


School lessons

Joy Foulstone’s letter about cats burying their excrement in soil which in turn gives goodness to the soil, says I was taught this in junior school. I don’t know what school she went to but I don’t think this was ever on the school curriculum.



Homeless people

I am led to believe you ran an article in last week’s Star regarding homeless people begging on the streets.

Three people attacked one on Rockingham street on Friday night kicking the remnants of his belongings and then beating him around the head.

C Taylor

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Attercliffe IKEA

On Attercliffe we shed a tear

For what was steel is now IKEA

Ken Phillip

Brentwood Road, S11

A new bus fuel

EB Warris writes about buses fuelled by hydrogen, or we could use all the hot air he continually spouts.

Michael Durkin

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With tears in my eyes

With tears in my eyes, I read the letter in The Star about Dunkirk.

My uncle John Hibberd was there.

I remember my mother saying when he got back his socks were stuck to his feet with blood, but then he was sent to Southend on Sea to start again, but alas the gun place was bombed and he got killed, aged 26.

He left two young babies, one he never saw.

I can remember him but they can’t.

Uncle John’s body is now in Shiregreen cemetery.

He was in the Sherwood Foresters.

I was nine at the time but remember it well.

Thanks for all prayers.

Freda France (87)


Thanks for kind support

I’d like to put on record my very grateful thanks to everyone who helped me on Monday, September 11 at about 12.30pm, when I slipped on wet cobbles while crossing Orchard Square.

I fell backwards hitting my head very hard on the cobblestones and at once about five people came to help me get up and sit on a bench.

One lady sat with me while a security officer was sent for and everyone stayed around till they knew I was being looked after.

Thanks to you all.

Jason the security officer and Neema the manager of the Fatface store helped me into the shop to sit down and were just brilliant, holding my hands and keeping me talking so I didn’t drift into unconsciousness.

They persuaded me I needed to go to A&E and stayed with me for over half an hour till, after assessment by a paramedic, I was taken off in an ambulance.

After checks and a neck X-ray I was home in the early evening.

I’ll always be grateful for the kindness and personal concern of Neema and Jason and want everyone to know how lucky we are to have people like them in Sheffield!

Yvonne Rowland

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Boeing in Sheffield

What an insult to Sheffield.

We lose our airport to Doncaster for £1 and now we hear Boeing is to build a factory on the old airport site.

We get told constantly in The Star that we should use Doncaster/Sheffield airport.

That would be my last- choice airport on principle.

We were robbed of our airport so why patronise them.