Never never will be slaves

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Labour has renewed pressure on ministers to set out their Brexit strategy before negotiations begin.

This motley crew have already asked the Government 170 questions regarding trading and, their main issue, migration.

Just a reminder that less migration was one of the main issues of Brexit, unlike Labour who want more.

This from no more than a rag-bag opposition who are prepared to ‘spill the beans’ of any negotiation strategy being used by the Government in order to let their friends in the EU know what this country’s negotiating stance may or may not be.

Thank God we do not have to rely on these ultra left wing ‘luvvies’ when negotiations begin because otherwise if left to them we would be back being ruled by Brussels and worse off than we were when a legitimate member.

Have any of the Labour ‘Corbynistas’ or even the EU mandarins ever actually asked why we voted to leave the EU?

Understand once and for all that it is not British politicians who are taking Britain out of the EU but the people.

They reflected not a deep knowledge of the EU and all its works but a national instinct that we were on the road to subservience.

And as everybody knows, thanks to the Proms, Britons never, never will be slaves.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74