Never-ending greed

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In 1994 the Government in their great wisdom turned down the offer of Richard Branson to run the Lottery on a non-profit-making basis so that any profit could go to the NHS.

Branson was going to run it for the expense of staff and the running costs. For some unknown and unexplained reason to the general public, the Lottery was given to Camelot.

Now anyone who thinks that the Government do anything in the interests of the public should think again, an explanation would have been good.

The unending greed of Lottery runners Camelot is unbelievable. They were not happy at £1 per ticket, so after three years they started the Wednesday draw, still not happy with the amount of money, so they started the Euro lottery in 2004, still not enough money being made so up the price to £2.

“Lo and behold” we find yet another price rise to £2.50.

The public should know that they have more chance of being struck by lightning than winning the jackpot.

One ticket for every draw at the moment costs £468 per year, and you can bet your life the Saturday/Wednesday draw will be following with another increase.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7