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While I was watching what should have been a celebration of the return to British independence, I was shocked at the incessant negative attacks by the media on the democratic outcome.

Many commentators were pumping fear and panic into the audience.

The fear mongering and the whipping up of antagonism between the young and the old was sickening and I wondered why a huge part of the media was acting in such a way.

Then I saw a former aide to Tony Blair who suggested that if a general election should be held, the winner could be positioned to ignore the result of the referendum.

Now it becomes clear to me that when they told us that there was no going back on the decision, it was, for some, only on the condition that we gave the answer that those in the remain camp wanted.

Nicola Sturgeon is a prime example.

I even heard that any new negotiations may again include the unchecked movement of populations, with the genuine possibility of the criminal and terrorist infiltration that may lead to.

This was a big factor in the out vote and should not be allowed to happen.

The overwhelming majority of the leave voters are not against real refugees or the necessary immigration of genuinely needed workers who will not disrupt existing communities and who have been vetted for their honesty and goodwill.

Indeed, my next door neighbours are a family of hard working Polish immigrants and we are very good friends.

My fear is that, if it comes to a general election, many people who voted to exit will be frightened into changing their minds by this barrage of negativity and name calling and will give the self serving Europhiles a mandate to ignore the referendum result.

As for all the millions given to Sheffield by the EU and highlighted in The Star, the total sum may not add up to one days contribution given by the UK to Brussels.

I suggest that instead of the media fuelled divisions in our society, we should all get behind the democratic decision, while carefully watching out for the inevitable, political sleights of hand.

I firmly believe that if we exit thoroughly from the political part of the union whilst negotiating a mutually beneficial trade deal with both Europe and the rest of the World, that in time, the occupants of this country will be safer and much more prosperous.

I fully respect the views of the younger ones who voted to remain and I ask them to respect their Granny’s choice. In spite of the media attempt to portray her as a selfish old woman, she was in fact, voting for the future well being of her grandchildren.


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